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theres not 1 quote to get on francesa, he just spews garbage everyday



Just heard Francesa shout down a caller then hang up on him to escape from being caught not knowing what he’s talking about. Mike just does not like giving callers credit or even entertaining anyone’s opinion that is at odds with his own. What a bully.



mike francesa yaer ago caller calls up saying amybe you can have writer the book about maddoff and mets going under he told caller not interested having the writer of mets year later bullshit about the mets he forget waht he told caller about is this guy got brain lock or just dumb hes the only guy drink diet pepsi and eats like horse



Today he suggested Tim Tebow blew off Rosie O’Donnell’s show “because of her lifestyle.” How soon until Tebow sues Francesa?
I love the way MF was dogging out Chris Mort from ESPN the other day; Mort has the scoop on Manning and MF is out of the loop. However when MFer has a “scoop” the world should stop and listen to him. MF is nothing but an overpaid blowhard-even Coach Parcells dumped his ass.
Show on Monday



Ilike the way jim nance mentioned the francesa revis sitiuation today.Its because cbs owns wfan and nance is francesas butt buddy.I love phil simms who said it wasent pass interference.SORRY MIKE!! He also said the francesa thing is much to do about nothing..Which he is right he means nothing other then francesas ego..Revis forgot about mike like his last shit.I love phil if u listen on sunday he disagrees with mike alot and OF COURSE he says nothing.Mike knows better then to bully phil.He isent a caller.phil knows more football then fatboy could ever dream of.
My favorite thing abhout mike is he is never wrong as you know.ITS SPORTS!! It is very subjective.Alot of times especially picking games there is alot of luck involved.Mike things its an excact science.What makes me laugh every time he picks a game wrong there is an excuse why he was wrong.Its hysterical.His ego dosent allow him to admit he is wrong.Its like listening to a child explain to his mother why he didnt get a good grade on his homework…I CANT!!!!



Mike just said he could buy this cotton picking website and all the people who submit their inane little quotes and stories like a used baseball glove.
Joe B in Brooklyn



"The World Series will start in one of four sites next week"

(impossible since it can only start in the NL city, so it would have been either Phil or SF…as it turns out SF now)

His own show between Oct 18-21.

Submission from Gabe

nfl playoffs

I just heard him say that he has never seen an nfl team try to win a game for postseason seeding referring to the bears no having much to play for against the packers in their final game. Not even if thats a first round bye as the bears hold tiebreaker on eagles. That is the stupidest comment on the nfl I have ever heard. They would rather not give effort in the final game so they can play an extra playoff game. 

submission from Michael DiCresce